Oasis of green in the Paris sky

All that is needed is a sky, a roof and a summer for Perruche to establish itself as one of Paris’ most spectacular venues. On the top floor of the new Printemps de l’Homme-Printemps du Goût, Perruche does not begin and end at the doors of a simple restaurant.

At the heart of an extremely Parisian district, at the top of a legendary department store, Perruche (French for budgie) is above all about the art of perching. A real urban diving board from where you can admire the Paris skyline.

The menu offers light cuisine as is the trend. In this lofty setting, the food has appropriate elegance. The menu uses seasonal products and features sun-filled dishes. The gourmandise is infectious and even between meal times you can indulge your appetite in the afternoon with some nice tartines. In the same way, whether coming for a drink to quench your thirst or for an evening with friends, there are plenty of wines and cocktails with lots of spirit.

Here, in the heights of Paris, everyone becomes Parisian in their own way with this feeling of coming to the table casually as if you were taking a break.

Area: 125 + 200m2
Cocktail: 410 people
Dinner: 150 people
Dancing evening: 410 people

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