Il Cottage

Rustic ambiance at the only rooftop bar on the ground floor in Paris

Between Bois de Boulogne park and the Arc de Triomphe, Il Cottage is the only rooftop bar on the ground floor in Paris. An original concept for a fun and unique place.

Everyone can feel at home here: a melting pot of influences, encounters, freedoms and sparkle. This is the conceptual venue in Paris.  A surprising urban refuge offering an intimate moment like at home, but with a feel of holidays…

At the Casa you can try typically Italian specialities in a chic and authentic mountain chalet ambiance.

A pizza? A small glass of rosé? A pint? The time comes to leave the restaurant and head to the Baracca where the talented Made in Roma pizzaiolo enjoys delighting the crowd.

A more rustic and trendy ambiance prevails at the Terrazza where everything becomes a pretext to sip a drink under the open sky with the refreshing shade of olive trees.

Il Cottage: a blend of ‘coolness’ and ‘no fuss’ that makes this venue a hotspot to excite the west of Paris.

Area: 700m2
Cocktail: 200 people
Dinner: 60 people
Dancing evening: 200 people

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