Table of desires

First, meet CoCo. Two syllables for a little name that says a lot. In other words, CoCo sounds like a bubble of champagne, a mixture of chic and laughter. It sparkles on the lips and brightens the mind. When you experience it as a restaurant, CoCo is not a spot where you’ll want to have a bite and be off. You’ll linger to enjoy lunch, dinner and much more.

Then, enter the Opera. The beating heart of this district at the crossroads of the energetic Boulevards, the luxurious Vendôme, Paris coming and the entire world going…

But is it actually a monument? It is more certainly an emotion; an architectural pride; a living temple to the performing arts; a house of memory, of mystery, and now of CoCo, an open yet intimate spot where privilege is to be shared.

CoCo aspires to your desires. From morning to evening, from inspired breakfasts to teatime, from an energetic lunch to an enchanted dinner and on into the notes of the night, from the piano bar to the chords of a guitar.

CoCo does not eat in a half-society, and cooks with charm and character. Make way for beautiful pieces, strong flavours, seasons picked in their correctness. Make way for this idea of a urban terroir, simple without being simplistic, inspired without being precious, talented to make people smile.

Cocktail: 350 people
Dinner: 200 people

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